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9 months ago
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Jun Joonkun

10 months ago
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Anonymous asked : i thought joonkun is beast's manager and jintaek is 4minute's?

They were to begin with, but then they switched for some reason, and I have no idea if they’ve switched back recently or not.

10 months ago
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this is gina with her manager, she’s a woman (her name is Hyejung) ^^

[Thank you!]

10 months ago
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10 months ago
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10 months ago
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Anonymous asked : Do you have any info on Trax's manager? I know a lot of SM guys bounce around. He was in a video called 20101113 Making the Muzit Ep 15 Trax & Luna f(x). ~2:00 Jungmo calls him hyung & Jay calls him 'Jae manager' maybe. On YouTube. Sorry no link.

I’m sorry, I can’t really find anything. :(

10 months ago
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10 months ago
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Anonymous asked : are they any female managers?

Not that I know of, currently. If anyone knows, feel free to correct me.

10 months ago
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Anonymous asked : any idea how to be a manager for these artistes?

Here’s my best guess:

Step 1: Be a Korean male

Step 2: Live in Korea and speak fluent Korean

Step 3: Work for an entertainment company or know someone who does (Having connections works best, trust me. You’d be surprised how many managers know each other)

Step 4: Be able to work extremely long hours, drive long distances, fly often and be away from family/friends, keep track of multiple people that aren’t yourself, arrange schedules, be able to do at least basic level accounting to track expenses, handle screaming/crying/aggressive fans, etc.

It ain’t easy.

11 months ago
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